How Nutrition Therapy Works

Congratulations on taking the next step to better health. As a nutrition therapy practitioner, I’ve been trained to teach you what food does in your body and guide you as you discover what foods work for your personally.

Whether we will work together with you as an individual or with your entire family, always start with an initial consultation. This will give me a chance to sit down with you either in person or virtually and learn more about you and your situation. This will guide me to better develop a plan that works for your likes, lifestyle, and health concerns.

After you book the initial consultation, I’ll send you forms to fill out asking basic questions about your health and eating habits. If we’re working together with your family, each family member will have a document with information specific for them. Complete this document out and return it to me before our scheduled consultation.

Once I have your paperwork, I can come up with eating plans, recipes and lifestyle changes that will work for your/ your family’s specific situation.

Depending on your location or schedule we, can either meet in-person or virtually for our consultation. All plans and documents will be sent to you virtually.

After our initial consultation, we’ll schedule a follow-up consultation to meet again to talk about how things are going and what changes we may need to make.

Between appointments, I’m available via email or text to answer questions, provide support and address any concerns.

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Family  Plans

Individual Plans