Do you struggle to know how to plan meals and make delicious food your your family? Do you you have family members with behavioral issues, food sensitivities/allergies, or medical diagnoses?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we should talk.

I can help guide your family to use food the best way possible as a support in this healing journey. I’ll meet with one or both parents either in-person or virtually to talk about struggles and come up with a plan that works for the entire family. I can give you tips to get your kids to not only eat healthy food, but to enjoy it! I’ll guide you as you set a new standard as a family for healthy living.

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Family Plans:

  • Initial Consultation (with one or both parents) 60-120 minutes – $100
    • Learn how to build a healthy plate
    • Learn how to prepare healthy snacks
    • Set family rules around food
    • Address individual health or behavioral concerns
    • Learn how to talk to your kids about food
    • Receive a copy of our family-friendly healthy cookbook
    • Learn how to prepare healthy school lunches and breakfasts in advance to make the morning rush less hectic.
  • Family Presentation – 30-60 minutes (depending on questions) – $75
    • What we eat impacts our hearts, brains, digestion, skin, emotions, behavior and every other physical and emotional system in the body. This In-home presentation teaches kids and parents what food does in our bodies and why it’s important to eat healthy food. This empowers each member of the family to make healthy food choices individually and teaches families practical tips to work together to change the way they eat.
  • Follow-up Consultation – 30 minutes-1 hour – $50
    •  Let’s talk about how the changes are going and what struggles have come up.
    • We’ll tweak plans where we need to and address concerns and questions.

Ala Carte Services (begin with the initial consultation):

  • Pantry Clean Out – 60-90 minutes – $75
    • Together we’ll look through your cupboards and pantry and evaluate the food you have on hand. I’ll teach how to read labels, what ingredients to avoid, and how to make healthy swaps to help you enjoy the food you eat on a daily basis.
  • Grocery Store Tour – 1 hour – $75
    • We’ll walk together through the grocery store reading nutrition labels and talking about what certain labels mean. Learn how to navigate the grocery store to make healthy choices and teach food swaps that may better fit within your family’s budget.
  • Meal Planning – 1 hour – $75
    • Having a meal planned increases the chances of eating healthy rather than grabbing something on-the-go. Learn how to plan meals for an entire week according to your calendar in a budget-friendly way. Learn to prepare a few things ahead of time to make weeknight meal prep much easier.
  • Group Presentations – 45-60 minutes (dependent on questions) – $100
    • Perfect for corporate wellness, church groups, or parenting groups; learn what food actually does in your body and how it can either build health or take it away. Learn the basics of what healthy food looks like as well as practical tips to make changes in your own life with the support of those around you. Gain ideas and support for group challenges and how to implement changes together.
  • Cooking class (local  clients only) – 1 hour – $150 (includes the cost of food) (Contact me to schedule an appointment)
    One of the biggest roadblocks to eating healthy is not knowing where to start in the kitchen. I’ll come into your home and teach you how to make 2-3 quick, easy dishes that are delicious and healthy. Learn how to change up ingredients to make similar dishes with a different flavor profile and to fit within a budget.